Presenting to Camera

Saturday 14 November – 09:00 – 16:00

Online communication through platforms such as Zoom has become central to our business, whether in conducting meetings or delivering presentations. However, although we may be comfortable with ‘live’ or face to face forms of communication, speaking to camera presents us with new challenges. Learning to present effectively in what is a new medium for many of us will ensure that we stand out as communicators in this new online world.

On this course you will:

· develop key aspects of voice and body language for camera;

· manage nerves in the online forum;

· work with simple structures to create effective online presentations and pitches.

These skills will help you to:

· engage and connect with your online audiences;

· communicate clearly and memorably;

· stand out in the online environment.

Your trainer: Andrew Weale has many years’ experience as a trainer in Presentation Skills. As an award-winning author he is also a very experienced presenter himself both live and online. He works with managers and CEOs from a wide range of business including banking, law and the creative arts. As a professional actor he is trained in camera and TV presenting skills and is passionate in helping those he trains fulfil their true potential.

Effective Storytelling

Workshop for Academics and people in Business

Do you want to become a more effective speaker?

Our workshop is designed for academics and business people who want to stand out from the crowd and improve their presentation and storytelling techniques.

Tell a compelling story, connect to your audience, persuade and inspire your colleagues and students. Help them remember your message more effectively.

Workshop Content

· Reasons for the effectiveness of stories

· (Seven) basic plots

· Key ingredients of a powerful story

· Creating your own stories relevant to your subject

· Practising storytelling with different

objectives in mind

· Sharing stories to persuade, inspire, introduce change, accept or overcome challenges, etc.

· Appropriate use of humour

· Effective use of body and voice

Our workshops are highly interactive, designed for small groups and tailor-made for their specific needs. The supportive atmosphere encourages all participants to present their stories to camera.

What are the benefits?

· Create your own stories

· Improve your storytelling techniques

· Expand your range of stories for different purposes

· Enhance your impact when presenting your content

· Make your message more enjoyable and memorable