Effective Story Telling for Business

Effective Storytelling

Workshop for Academics and people in Business

Do you want to become a more effective speaker?

Our workshop is designed for academics and business people who want to stand out from the crowd and improve their presentation and storytelling techniques.

Tell a compelling story, connect to your audience, persuade and inspire your colleagues and students. Help them remember your message more effectively.

Workshop Content

· Reasons for the effectiveness of stories

· (Seven) basic plots

· Key ingredients of a powerful story

· Creating your own stories relevant to your subject

· Practising storytelling with different

objectives in mind

· Sharing stories to persuade, inspire, introduce change, accept or overcome challenges, etc.

· Appropriate use of humour

· Effective use of body and voice

Our workshops are highly interactive, designed for small groups and tailor-made for their specific needs. The supportive atmosphere encourages all participants to present their stories to camera.

What are the benefits?

· Create your own stories

· Improve your storytelling techniques

· Expand your range of stories for different purposes

· Enhance your impact when presenting your content

· Make your message more enjoyable and memorable