Language Courses Overseas

Why study overseas

'The ability to use a language actively, and apply it with some fluency in a range of situations, is highly prized by employers. Recruiters comment that graduates who have spent an extended period abroad are more likely to have this competence.' Labour Market Intelligence on Languages and intercultural Skills in Higher Education. Sean Mulkerne & Anne Marie Graham. May 2011


+ Spanish in Seville

+ Spanish in Cadiz

+ Spanish + Internship in Spanish Company

Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay

+ Spanish

+ Spanish and Tango

+ Spanish and Work Experience

+ Spanish in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay


+ French in Paris


+ Mandarin in China

'The perception that everyone speaks English, or that English is enough, can be challenged easily. Only six per cent of the world's population are native English speakers - 75% do not speak English at all.' British Academy Policy Centre [2011]. A position statement: London Maters More and More. London: British Academy'