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Covid 19, in order to protect the health of our students and teachers, our classes are on-line.

Having fun 'Zooming' with your friends and family? How about learning a language on zoom....

Why not join one of our courses in the autumn...


Beginners: Mon 12 Oct

1200 - 1300 GMT

Early Intermediate: Mon 12 Oct

1300 - 1400 GMT

Intermediate: Tue 13 Oct

1200 - 1300 GMT

Advanced: Tue 13 Oct

1200 - 1300 GMT

For full details and to register please FILL IN THIS FORM or email


Beginners: Wed 14 Oct

1230 - 1330 GMT

Intermediate: Thur 8 Oct

1230 - 1330 GMT

Advanced: Thur 8 Oct

1330 - 1430


Beginners: Mon 12 Oct

1300- 1400 GMT

Intermediate: Mon 12 Oct

0900 - 1000 GMT


Are you doing Business in Latin America or Spain?

Would you like to join our Virtual Classroom for a Language Taster?

Beginners: You will learn to introduce yourself in Spanish!

Intermediate: You will learn to introduce your company in Spanish!

Why learn with us...

• We come to you

• We tailor courses to your specific needs

• We focus on communication

• Our teachers are fully qualified and experienced

• We do one to one course and group courses

• We focus on conversation

• Classes can be held at your workplace or in your home

• Small group courses of 4-8 students

We are still coming to you, now your workplace is at home, well to your laptop anyway!

"I want to be able to join in a conversation when I'm abroad"

Let us arrange a Free Taster, where you can...

Learn a language over a coffee and start talking in French, Spanish, German or Italian.

Level 1: no knowledge - How to order a coffee?

Level 2 : with some experience – GCSE – rusty or not!

What type of coffee do you like?

Level 3 : A Level or equivalent Chat about coffee, travelling, using the language effectively.

To register or for information on the courses please email

'The perception that everyone speaks English, or that English is enough, can be challenged easily. Only six per cent of the world's population are native English speakers - 75% do not speak English at all.'

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